Our Partners

The Anglican Church in Basel
Our partner church in Basel has a website which you can visit here

Council of Anglican and Episcopal Churches in Germany (CAECG)
The Anglican Church Freiburg is a member of this organisation. Find our more about it

The Anglican Church Freiburg is only one of about 12 anglican or episcopal churches in Germany. We all have to cope with this very special Corona situation. But every congregation finds its own way of worshipping, which we share with each other, like you can see here:

from Berlin: https://youtu.be/3z-MRUm-lEg

news from Hamburg: http://anglican-church-hamburg.de/news/

Augsburg:  http://anglican.at/home

The Diocese in Europe
Our church is part of the Church of England in the Diocese in Europe. You can visit their website here

Intercontinental Church Society (ICS)
ICS is a supporting mission agency for ACF. You can visit their website here

The Old Catholic Church in Freiburg
The Church of England and the Old Catholics are joined together through the Bonn Agreement. Our nearest Old Catholic community meets at St. Ursula’s Church in Rathausgasse, Freiburg.

Click here to visit their website

Freiburg St. Ursula, last thursday: https://www.dropbox.com/transfer/AAAAAE_3t8d0Ycu9yTsoheblPpGKsmzpPaNoTZztZVQJIAAn456UVew

The youtube channel of the old catholics in Hamburg (in German):

.Freunde von der Strasse
We join with the Old Catholic and Methodist congregations once a year to invite the homeless and isolated to lunch and afternoon tea in St. Martin’s parish hall.

Outward giving
Each year we contribute 10% of our pledged income to a range of different charities. These include:

APERSEC Burkina Faso (providing health care and clean water in rural areas)
Freiburger Tafel (providing cheap food for those on very low incomes)
The Salvation Army ( Die Heilsarmee )

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