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From the Anglican Church Freiburg

Save the Date!

Wise Ones Wine & Cheese Evening
18th Nov at 6 pm at church
All retirees  – or those of a certain age – are welcome, for chat, discussion of the direction of the group and for fellowship.  Bring your favorite wine to share or a bottle of something non-alcoholic.  We’ll supply the cheese and good cheer.  See you there!

Weekend Away
Ascesion Day Weekend 18th – 21st May 2023
This weekend in the Alsacian Mountains is one of the biggest highlights of the ACF. Don’t Miss it!
More information will follow in due time.

NEW!!! From Sept. 2022:
The Inkling Reading Group

This group meets weekly to read through and discuss some of the theological and literary writings of the Inklings. We will begin this year with C.S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain followed by Mere Christianity. Anyone interested in reading through these works with us and joining for weekly discussion is heartily welcome.
The group will be meeting at a private home. To receive the address and get more information please send an email to

Upcoming Events

Please note the ACF calendar

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You want us to pray for you?
Email at

Telling Freiburg about the ACF!

Freshly from the printing press, ACF posters (A3 format) & invitations (A6 format) have arrived! Please do help distribute them in Freiburg and the region! We would love for more people to hear about our Community of Grace and perhaps find a home here too.
The posters and cards are available to take on Sundays at church. Take them to your local library, the Rathaus or tourist office, shops and more!

Confirmation Candidates

Do you, or a family member want to be confirmed?
Then do get in touch via email or by speaking to Vinod.
We are currently in the process of fixing a date for 2023 for the bishop to come to Freiburg and hold a confirmation.

What happens at a confirmation?

At a service of Confirmation, people renew the baptism promises in a public profession of their faith and receive the laying on of hands by the bishop, asking for God’s Holy Spirit to strengthen the candidate for life in the way of Jesus. Services of Confirmation will follow a course of instruction in what it means to be a Christian, so candidates will normally be at least 12 years old. There is no upper age limit and the bishops are regularly confirming adults as people come to faith in Christ in later life. Confirmation is the service at which people become full members of the Church of England, and the bishop will lay hands on the candidates and pray that the Holy Spirit will come upon those who are to be confirmed. Confirmation used to mark the point at which a candidate might receive Holy Communion, but some congregations (such as the ACF) agree to a scheme to admit children to communion before Confirmation, as part of community-based mission initiatives. Do get in touch if you want to find out more about children receiving communion at the ACF.

Find out more: Confirmation FAQ of the Church of England

From the Diocese

Update: Our postcard to Riga
Do you remember us telling you about the Anglican Church in Riga’s upcoming postcard exhibition, and our contribution from Freiburg? Click here to read about the over 250 postcards from 36 countries they received.

From the Churchwarden of the Anglican Church in Kyiv
The churchwarden at Christ Church in Kyiv is urging people around the world to keep praying for Ukraine as it commemorated its Independence Day.
Read Christina Laschenko’s message here.

A Message from Tenerife
Meet Judith Rigby, Congregational Worship Leader of All Saints’ Church in Puerto de la Cruz in North Tenerife. In this blog post she shares some thoughts on the Lambeth Conference and the devastation caused by wildfire in Tenerife.

Anglican Church Basel

New Minister
It is with great joy that we can now announce and share with you the date of the Licensing of the Reverend Caroline Throup, the new chaplain of the Anglican Church in Basel:
Sunday 24 July, 2022,
at 16:00
in the Sacré Coeur Church

(Feierabendstrasse 68, 4051 Basel)
Anglican Church Basel Freiburg

Want to get up to date on what’s happening in the Diocese in Europe?
Read here the Summer Edition of the magazine ‘European Anglicans’!

Advent Appeal Update
In December we shared with you the Diocesan Advent Appeal. Much was donated and some of the money has reached their first recipients.
The first funds from the diocese’s Advent Appeal last year have been given to three agencies providing humanitarian aid around the Mediterranean and in Central Europe.
The trio, First Hope Association, Apostoli, and Caritas will receive money for their work in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain. Each is getting a first payment of £3,500 (€4,130). The appeal has so far raised more than £15,000 (€18,000) so additional money will be passed to the charities until the appeal closes in the autumn.
Read more about how the appeal will provide vital support here.

A prayer for the current wildfires across Europe
We pray for our communities safety due to the fires that have broken out in recent days across Europe:
“Heavenly Father, we ask you to stir our hearts into action.
As global temperatures increase, inspire us with ways,
we can make a difference in our homes, church congregations, communities, and the world around us.
We pray for your prompting where we can do more.


From the Church of England

For all who would like to learn new skills for serving at church

The Church of England are offering a range of webinars on topics like digital communications, pastoral care, practical ideas for the church year, giving & generosity and caring for creation. Their training resource page is well worth a visit!

More on training & development at the ACF

From the wider Church


Karlsruhe, 31 August – 8 September 2022
This event only happens every 7 years somewhere in the world, and this year it is coming right to our doorstep! Registrations to participate are now open via the WCC website here.

Join the (virtual) pilgrimage in preparation for the General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Karlsruhe. Find the dates in the ACF calendar here on our website & the zoom link for participating here.

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