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Chaplain’s Letter

In his Chaplain’s Vinod talks about the image of a rainbow symbolising God’s promise and revelation, and how the church can reflect this.

Read the Chaplain’s Letter here.

Let’s go hiking!

Dear All,

On Thursday 8th June we plan to walk from Bollschweil to Staufen on the Bettlerpfad and it would be great if you could join us.

Hike – Duration and details

The walk will is approx. 8 km and will take about 2 hours. There are no big hills – the elevation rate is 110 m – but some sections of the walk will be difficult with a pram.
The majority of the walk is through woodland.
All in all, with breaks, the walk should take max. 3 hours.

We start at13:45h at the Rathaus in Bollschweil and finish at the railway station in Staufen.

After the walk there is the possibility to stop at a lovely biergarten at the Mayer Mühle for a drink and/or snack. This is directly at the station inStaufen. I need to book this a couple of days in advance as they will be busy on the bank holiday, so let me know in good time if you want a seat reserving. Here is their website.

 Travel – Freiburg –  Bollschweil / Staufen – Freiburg

You can join  us on the walk using public transport.
The bus 7208 leaves ZOB, Freiburg at 13:05 from Bay 11 and takes 29 mins. to get to Bollschweil, arriving 13.34. 
The bus stop in Bollschweil is called “bolando”.
From there you walk about 100m in the direction the bus is travelling to the Rathaus where we will gather to start the walk.

 The return journey is via train from Staufen and takes 38 mins to the main station in Freiburg.

16:40 – 17:18
17:40 – 18:18

Please let me know if you intend to come AND if you would like to stop at the biergarten so I can make the booking. You can send a message via the website contact form.

It would be great if you could join us for this hike and hopefully we can do other walks on a regular basis in the future.

Best wishes,
Judith and Helen Rose

Wise Ones Coffee Afternoon – 9th June

Are you ready for some fun and friendship? Join us at “Wise Ones”, ACF’s special event for older adults. You’ll get to chat with your peers, share your stories and learn from each other. Don’t miss the next meet up on 9th June at 3pm at at Karstadt Café (top floor at Karstadt department store, Kaiser-Josef-Str. 165, near Europaplatz).

See you there!

Women’s Breakfast – 17th June

The next women’s fellowship breakfast will be on Saturday 17th June at 09:00 Uhr. You all (women) are cordially invited.   

Kelly Baldwin Heid will be our new speaker… Kelly is from USA, was our Master student in the last cohort, did her Master thesis, and now she is doing her PhD investigating health and well-being, nature-connectedness, and plant biodiversity in tree pit pocket gardens in Freiburg. 

I am sure many of us will attend and benefit with her inspiring topic: 

When? Saturday 17th June 2023
What time? 9 am 
What topic? Finding Joy and Peace in the company of Nature (See Flyer attached). Thanks dear Christine for making it!
Where? ACF Lorettostraße 61

RSVP by sending an email, speaking to Sonia or contacting us here via the ACF website.

Building a Safe Church – Case Review from the Diocese

Here at the ACF, and in the whole Church of England, we strife to be a safe church for all, especially for the most vulnerable among us. Recently, the Diocese in Europe has finished its important work on the Safeguarding Past Cases Review 2 and has shared the executive summary of the Independent Reviewer’s report with the public.

You can find the executive summary here.

Anglican Church Freiburg safeguarding

Media Tipp: The History of St Peter

If you are interested in learning more about the life and legacy of St Peter, one of the most influential figures in Christianity, you might want to check out this two-part video series presented by David Suchet. The series follows Suchet as he travels across the Mediterranean, retracing the footsteps of Peter and exploring his role in the early church. Along the way, he meets historians, archaeologists, and experts who shed light on the historical and cultural context of Peter’s time. The series is engaging, informative, and inspiring, and it will give you a deeper appreciation of the faith and courage of this remarkable, yet relatable apostle.

Watch the videos on ITV’s Our History youtube channel:

Part One

Part Two

This week at the ACF

  • Compline
    Wednesday, 7th June at 9 pm
    on zoom
  • Church Hike
    Thursday, 8th June
    Contact Judith & Helen Rose for more details
  • Wise Ones Coffee Afternoon
    Friday, 9th June at 3 pm
    at Karstadt Café (top floor at Karstadt department store, Kaiser-Josef-Str. 165, near Europaplatz)
  • Communion Service
    Sunday, 11th June at 11:30 am
    In-person and on zoom
  • Men’s Prayer Group
    Tuesday, 13th June at 6 pm
    at church

Click here for the ACF zoom link and here for the ACF calendar for the coming months.

The pastor is just a call away!

Call, text or WhatsApp Rev’d Vinod Victor on +49-176-46614418 or +91 9447 151017, 
or email him at chaplainfreiburg@gmail.com.

The ACF Events & Services Calendar

News Archive

This was the ACF Weekend Away 2023!

Our church had a wonderful Weekend Away on Ascension Day. We enjoyed fellowship, worship, and fun activities in a beautiful setting.

Visit our website here to read a short article on the Weekend Away and to see some photos.

6th May 2023: The Coronation of King Charles III

The Coronation will be a historic moment in the life of the English nation, a time to reflect on their history, celebrate who they are and look to their future. At its centre is a Christian service in which His Majesty, who is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England will be anointed as King. It will be rooted in longstanding tradition and Christian symbolism. We offer our prayers for King Charles III and the Royal Family for this important occasion.

The coronation day will be broadcasted online and on TV. Find a schedule of the day here and download here the order of service for the coronation service at Westminster Abbey. The liturgy with commentary is available here.
As many of our church community do not have English roots here some information on the coronation and the royal family in general:

From the Diocese in Europe:
How we celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III

If you are interested in learning more about how the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla was celebrated in our diocese, you might want to check out these two blog posts from the Diocese in Europe website.

The first one is about how different clergy in the diocese were involved in the media coverage of the event in their respective countries, sharing their insights and perspectives on the historic occasion.

The second one is about how Church of England churches in Europe celebrated the coronation, with photos and stories of special services, prayers and festivities.

Podcast: The Crown Uncovered

A new podcast called The Crown Uncovered on the Coronation has been launched.
Each episode explores different aspects of the history, theological background and contemporary significance of the Coronation. The series focuses on the Church of England inheritance of the rite and what that means in a pluralistic society.
It is hosted by William Gulliford, Director of Ordinands in the Diocese in Europe and Vicar of St Mark’s, Regent’s Park and the Vicar of St John’s Wood, the Revd Dr Anders Bergquist.
They interview a range of guests and specialists on aspects of the history and theology behind the Coronation. It’s a great listen for anyone with an interest in finding out more about the Coronation and the church. Find it on Apple, Spotify and wherever you get your usual podcasts. The Crown Uncovered on Apple Podcasts

Pilgrimage to the seven churches

If you enjoyed reading Vinod’s article about his travels to Turkey, you might be interested in a new blog post on the diocese’s website. It features some impressions from Bishop Robert and other pilgrims who joined him on this spiritual journey.

You can find the blog post here.

Supporting the ACF financially

We’re so grateful for your support and prayers for our church. We are independent from any external funding sources, such as German taxes (Kirchesteuer), the Church of England, or other institutions. We depend on the generous donations of our members and friends to cover all our expenses (the minister’s salary, rent, insurances, diocese contributions, …). Unfortunately, our reserves are running low and we need your help to keep going.

We want to continue to serve God and our community with love and faithfulness. That’s why we’re asking you to consider donating to the ACF on a regular basis. By setting up a standing bank order, you can help us plan our budget and resources more effectively. It’s easy and secure, and you can cancel or change it anytime. Thank you for your generosity and God bless you!

Would you like to help fund the work of the ACF?
The best way to help is setting up a monthly direct debit to
Anglican Church Freiburg e.V.
Sparkasse Freiburg
IBAN: DE29 6805 0101 0002 5119 20
Other giving options, such as online donations, are laid out here on our website.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact our treasurers at treasurer@anglican-church-freiburg.de or pick up a Donate Flyer from church.

Blog posts from the Church of England website

Why are British monarchs anointed?
What is anointing? Why is the monarch anointed at their Coronation? Where does the practice originate? Where has King Charles III’s anointing oil come from?

What is a Royal Peculiar?
The Coronation of the King and Queen Consort takes place in Westminster Abbey. Though a large church, Westminster Abbey is not a cathedral. It is an abbey church, and a Royal Peculiar.

Is there a Christian message in the Crown Jewels?
During the Coronation the King is presented with a number of objects which have a symbolic meaning. These include the Sovereign’s Orb, Sceptres, crowns and sword.

What does it mean that the Church of England is the Established Church?
Why do bishops sit in the House of Lords? What is the link between Church and State?

Why do kings and queens sit on thrones?
What is the historical and religious significance of thrones? Which chair is used at King Charles’s Coronation? Where can the Coronation Chair be viewed by visitors?

Why does the Archbishop of Canterbury crown the monarch?
The office of Archbishop of Canterbury dates back to St Augustine of Canterbury, the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

Why is the King known as Defender of the Faith?
Where does the title originate? What does “Supreme Governor” of the Church of England mean? What is the Established Church?

Who was Zadok the Priest?
Among the music at the Coronation is the most famous anthem of all, George Frederick Handel’s Zadok the Priest.

The Coronation: a service of Holy Communion
The Coronation Service is, at its heart and in its structure, a celebration of Holy Communion.

Spring Issue of ‘European Anglicans’

We are thrilled to announce that the Spring Issue of the magazine ‘European Anglicans’ is out now! This issue features stories and more from the churches of the Diocese in Europe. You’ll find inspiring testimonies, insightful reflections, and helpful resources to enrich your faith. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about our diverse and vibrant Anglican community across Europe.

Click here to browse through the magazine.

Recap: Licensing Service at the Old Catholic Church

Some members of the ACF had the privilege of attending the licensing service of pastor Marcus Laibach of the Old Catholic congregation last Sunday. It was a joyous and memorable occasion that marked a new chapter in his ministry and in the life of his church.

Read all about it here: Licensing Service of Marcus Laibach
(The article is password protected. The password is send out to the ACF mailing list on 26th April 2023 and also available by sending a message via our contact page.)

English-German Conversation Group

Hey, do you miss chatting with other ACF members and our friends of the Petrusgemeinde? Would you like to practice and improv your English or German language skills?

We’re thinking of bringing back the conversation group, and we need your input! If you’re interested in joining or helping out, please let us know. We haven’t decided on the day, time or frequency yet, so feel free to share your preferences too. Hope to hear from you soon!

You want us to pray for you?
Email at prayer@anglican-church-freiburg.de

International Church Society (ICS)

Click here to read the ICS’s news magazine.

Intercontinental Church Society (ICS) is an Anglican mission agency. Founded in 1823, they have worked in most parts of
the world, ministering and reaching out to people from many nationalities and backgrounds. From the early days they have
planted churches in mainland Europe where their work is still strong but also in and around the Mediterranean, North Africa,
the South Atlantic and South America. The ICS has played also a big part in founding the ACF chaplaincy.

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