Prayer and Spirituality

We, the community of the Anglican Church Freiburg are together on a journey to explore what it means for our Christian faith to be woven through all aspects of life.

This happens not only on Sunday morning, but all throughout the week: in our moments of private prayer at home, during virtual and in-person meetings of small groups, over coffee with friends, at playground gatherings and picnics, through our Midweek Meditations and so much more.

Often we haven’t figured it all out yet, but we are dedicated to keep on trying. We invite you to join us on our pilgrimage through this life – be it here online or in person.
Be inspired, get in touch and be blessed!

We are also very happy to pray for you. Just email us at

Activities and Small Groups
Archive of Homilies and Service Outlines

Midweek Meditations

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