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Anglican Church Freiburg’ History

The ACF (Anglican Church Freiburg) is in partnership with the Anglican Church in Basel. Together we serve the area known as the Drei-Länder Regio – where Germany, Switzerland and France meet.

There has been an Anglican church in Freiburg since the nineteenth century when many British military personnel retired to this region. The last time there was a full-time chaplain was in the 1920’s and since then the church met together on a monthly basis helped by visiting chaplains from Basel.

In 1999 there were signs that the church was beginning to blossom and gradually the idea took root that Freiburg Anglican Church could once more have its own chaplain. So a project came into being to bring a chaplain to Freiburg and to make the church financially self-supporting within five years and in this initial period grants were provided from three different sources:
– The Anglican Church in Basel
– The Diocese in Europe
– The Intercontinental Church Society (ICS)

These grants have come to an end, but we are continually striving, praying and working towards the day when we are fully self sustaining.

Our Clergy so far

In December Rev’d Vinod Victor joined the ACF as our chaplain.

On Nov 29th 2015 Canon Christopher Parsons was licensed as the chaplain to the ACF., who was with us until July 2020.

Rev. Dr. Robin Stockitt was the first full time minister of the Anglican Church in Freiburg from July 2001 until April 2014.

Anglican, what is that?

The Anglican Church has some 85 million members in 160 countries. During the Reformation in 16th century Europe the Church of England emerged with a number of distinctive features which remain to this day. These are:

* adherence to the historic creeds, which ensures orthodox theology,

* liturgical worship which provides a flexible structure for many diverse forms of expression,

* an episcopal and synodical form of church government, which offers oversight, accountability and support

As the Church of England spread throughout the world, the term ‘Anglican’ was used to describe all those churches which belonged together, although in some places the word Episcopalian is used. The head of the Anglican Communion world wide is the Archbishop of Canterbury, and in each country or region where there are Anglican churches, there is a network of archbishops, bishops and clergy.

The Anglican Church in Freiburg is part of the Diocese in Europe whose bishop is Bishop The Right Revd Dr Robert Innes. The Diocese in Europe covers churches as far apart as Madeira in the Atlantic and Vladivostok in eastern Russia!

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