Agnus Day – Weekly Lectionary Comic Strip by James Wetzstein (Agnus Day appears with the permission of www.agnusday.org)

  • Journey With the Risen Lord: Reflections on the Walk to Emmaus - Homily – Sunday the 23rd April 2023 Reading: Luke 24:13-35 Today we look at the Emmaus journey yet again and the methodology I use will be asking two questions- What does the text say?  and What does it mean to us today in lives? The context is known to us. The turbulence of the cross... Continue Reading →
  • Resurrection: A New Look at the Way We Live - Homily – Sunday, the 16th April 2023 – Sunday after Easter Reading: 1 Peter 1:3-9 For some people resurrection was a first-hand experience. Some had a one to one encounter as Mary Magdalene did, some had a collective experience as did the disciples in the upper room, some had to wait but did encounter Christ... Continue Reading →
  • Encountering the Risen Lord - Homily – Easter Sunday, the 9th April 2023 Reading: Matthew 28:1-10 The meaningful journey through the Lent is giving way to the celebration of Easter. This time for our Lenten Studies on Dust and Glory we specifically focussed on the theme of “Failure” and asked the profound question- was cross the sign of failure. We... Continue Reading →
  • Maundy Thursday: Love – the Essence of the Life of Jesus - Homily – Maundy Thursday, 6th April 2023 Reading: John 13: 1-17, 31-35 The Shadow of the Cross that was evident at the annunciation, clearer at the manger, sharper at the shouts of Hosanna, inevitable after the cleansing of the Temple was at its peak. This supper was to be his last, before the experience of... Continue Reading →
  • A Final Journey – Holy Week Meditation - All Age Meditation – Palm/Passion Sunday, the 2nd April 2023 On Palm Sunday Jesus journeys into Jerusalem. As he enters the gate of the city he starts a journey we now call Holy Week. It is no easy voyage. We too are invited to travel through these days ahead until we meet again here at... Continue Reading →
  • Only Believe - Homily – Sunday, March 26, 2023 Reading: John 11:1-45 We are at the latter end of Lent. On Passion Sunday we look more intently at the cross and ask a very important question- Who is this Jesus to me? The New Testament lesson read to us is the familiar story of the raising of Lazarus.... Continue Reading →
  • Nesting Sunday - Homily – Sunday, the March 19, 2023 Greetings dear friends As we are aware the fourth Sunday of Lent is celebrated as Mothering Sunday. Traditionally it was about the journey to your mother church from which you had moved for various reasons. In diaspora contexts it was called Nesting Sunday- since the churches were nests... Continue Reading →
  • Reflections on Water: Insights from the life of Abraham - Homily – Sunday the 5th of March 2023 Vinod Victor with Dinesh Suna Water is crucial to our existence. The story of Abraham is replete with the imagery of water and an attempt to weave a collage of those would be a good preparation for a much deeper discussion on water. Today we have with... Continue Reading →
  • Ash Wednesday Meditation - February 22, 2023 Reading: John 8:1-11 Is there a stone in my hand? People were picking up stones. I picked one too. I looked up Outside the temple Was a crowd. I looked again. In the crowd was a woman. What were these stones for? They were to stone that woman. Why did they want... Continue Reading →
  • Temptations in the Digital Age - Homily – Sunday, the 26th February 2023 (First Sunday of Lent) Reading: Matthew 4:1-11 We are already in a period of Lent. It is a time where we spent more time with the Word of God, more time in prayer, more time in meditation, more time in meaningful engagement with the community, more time to... Continue Reading →

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