Encountering the Risen Lord

Homily - Easter Sunday, the 9th April 2023 Reading: Matthew 28:1-10 The meaningful journey through the Lent is giving way to the celebration of Easter. This time for our Lenten Studies on Dust and Glory we specifically focussed on the theme of “Failure” and asked the profound question- was cross the sign of failure. We... Continue Reading →

Only Believe

Homily - Sunday, March 26, 2023 Reading: John 11:1-45 We are at the latter end of Lent. On Passion Sunday we look more intently at the cross and ask a very important question- Who is this Jesus to me? The New Testament lesson read to us is the familiar story of the raising of Lazarus.... Continue Reading →

Nesting Sunday

Homily - Sunday, the March 19, 2023 Greetings dear friends As we are aware the fourth Sunday of Lent is celebrated as Mothering Sunday. Traditionally it was about the journey to your mother church from which you had moved for various reasons. In diaspora contexts it was called Nesting Sunday- since the churches were nests... Continue Reading →

Ash Wednesday Meditation

February 22, 2023 Reading: John 8:1-11 Is there a stone in my hand? People were picking up stones. I picked one too. I looked up Outside the temple Was a crowd. I looked again. In the crowd was a woman. What were these stones for? They were to stone that woman. Why did they want... Continue Reading →

Temptations in the Digital Age

Homily - Sunday, the 26th February 2023 (First Sunday of Lent) Reading: Matthew 4:1-11 We are already in a period of Lent. It is a time where we spent more time with the Word of God, more time in prayer, more time in meditation, more time in meaningful engagement with the community, more time to... Continue Reading →

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