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Anglican Church Freiburg Englische Kirche Freiburg

We’re thrilled to announce that in-person services have started up again!
Attendance numbers will still be limited and reservations be made in advance, but congregational singing will be allowed again.

Click here for further details!

Cover of the Magazine 'The European Anglican'

Summer 2021

The newest edition of our diocese’s quaterly magazine has arrived!

Click here for news from Church of England churches all over the continent, to get to know the men and women that have been ordained during the past few months, to read about the diocesan synod and much more.

The gospel reading on Sunday, 27th June from Mark 5 spoke of Jesus healing a woman suffering from bleeding. During the homily Peter Widdess introduced us to the life-changing work that Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation is doing. Please visit their site, pray for them and consider making a donation.
There is also the German charity Fistula e.V. that is worth supporting and that will issue Spendenbescheinigungen for the German tax return system.


each Wednesday night at 9pm
for 20-30min
here on zoom

Our Thy Kingdom Come prayer meetings were such a success that we launch a weekly Evening Prayer.
We would love for you to join us!


School holidays, lazy summer afternoons, vacation spent in your own home or far away…

This special time of the year might inspire you to do some sketching, painting and drawing. So, when you do have some time on your hand to get your creative juices flowing, please remember that in September we will start collecting pictures from big & small ACF artists again to be featured in the ACF Calendar 2022!

Get in touch if you have any questions.

The Diocese of Europe’s Pledge on Email Use (click here for more information)

Welcome to our new Diocesan Spiritual Advisor

The Diocese in Europe is welcoming their new Diocesan Advisor in Spirituality, The Revd Ray Andrews from Costa Blanca. Ray is passionate about spiritual wellbeing, has previously worked in mental health and as a spiritual retreat co-ordinator. 

Here is what Ray has to say about spiritual direction & his new role: “We are talking of a spiritual friendship… referring to the forming and developing of people to provide a kind of intimacy, a safety where we can explore and deepen our faith, explore our experience of God’s activity in our lives, in the church and in the world. (…) “I am hoping to bring some humanising to the whole concept of spirituality to what we imagine it might be, so that it becomes easier for people to explore their spirituality and shape their lives from the spirituality of the Christian faith,” says Ray. “What I want to bring to the role is accessibility, I want people to be able to reach me and I want people to know that I am here. I want to be approachable. That is one of my hopes.”

If you would like to speak with Ray about spirituality in your personal spiritual journey, Ray would be delighted to offer his support. To get to know Ray a little more and to find out how to contact him to arrange a conversation, please visit the website of the Diocese in Europe.

Women’s Prayer meeting
(bi-weekly via zoom)
Please get in touch to receive their contact details if you would like to attend the meetings or to send in your prayer requests. The dates can be found, alongside all other upcoming events on the right sidebar of this website.

Appointment Process for a new Minister
The Anglican Church Freiburg has been in a period of interregnum since summer 2020.

We are very pleased that a new minister has been found. At this point in time there is much work being done behind the scenes by the wardens of the ACF, the Archdeacon and the prospective new clergy to sort the necessary bureaucracy involved.
All details are still confidential and the wardens will inform the ACF community as soon as further information can be shared.
Thank you all very much for your prayers, practical support and financial contributions that helps lauch this church into its next chapter!

Anglican Church Basel

New Minister
Our brothers & sister in Basel are currently, in a period of interregnum and we feel honoured to join them in prayer for the appointment process of a new chaplain. Going through the recruitment process during a pandemic is even more challenging than at other times.
We, the Anglican Church Freiburg, are continuing to pray for our sisters and brothers in Basel and their future priest.

Anglican Church Basel Freiburg

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