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Welcome to the Anglican Church Freiburg!
We’re thrilled to have you.
We are a Church of England congregation in the Diocese in Europe, made up of people from 25 different nations from all over the world.
Freiburg im Breisgau in south-west Germany is the (sometimes temporary) home of the wonderful individuals who worship with us. Our community is a mix of expats, refugees, students, doctorate and post- doctorate students, university professors, those interested in the English language, those simply curious, and those whose hearts have been touched by our style of worship.

Men’s Prayer Group
meets every Tuesday in an even week at 6pm. The next dates for men’s prayer are:
       Tue 13 October 2020
       Tue 27 October 2020
       Tue 10 November 2020
       Tue 24 November 2020
       Tue 8 December 2020
       Tue 22 December 2020
Please get in touch to receive their contact details if you would like to attend the Meetings of to send them your prayer requests.

Roots & Shoots Bible Study
After an extended summer break we shall resume our Roots & Shoots meetings tomorrow. We are delighted that Bishop Trevor shall facilitate our meetings in the month of October on the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11. 1-4)
        01. Oct.2020 07:30 PM
        15. Oct.2020 07:30 PM
        29. Oct.2020 07:30 PM
We’ll meet via Zoom. Please contact us for details.

Anglican Church Basel
Our brothers & sister in Basel are, as we are, in a period of interregnum and we feel honoured to join them in prayer for the appointment process of a new chaplain.
Please take the time to pray:
… for wisdom for the team as they begin the process of short listing prospective candidates.
… for the ACB team involved in the interviews along with representatives from their patron ICS and the diocese.
… for the wardens and clergy as they lead and serve the church through the interregnum.
… for the children’s and youth ministry team, and for wisdom to decide on the best way forward for the children and youth to meet during the continuing coronavirus pandemic.
… for the locums who will be preaching and leading at some of ACB’s services in the coming months

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