Psalm 151

— Midweek Meditations:
thoughts, inspiration and encouragement
from ACF community members —

The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.

Psalm 23:1

These are the first of David’s well-known words. Written by a shepherd boy out in the wilderness, they talk about his very personal way of relating to God, using images he was surrounded by each and every day.

This past Sunday at children’s church we talked about this most famous Psalm of all – one that countless people have loved and clung onto throughout the millennia. The ACF kids know and love this poem too, yet during our conversation we realised, that none of us had ever stayed with a flock of sheep. (And I guess, not many of you have either!) David’s world is not ours.

“What could we compare God to?”, we asked ourselves. “What aspects of our own lives remind us of him?”
A library! A house that gives shelter! A torch in the darkness! A strong boxer! A rocket! … As we were collecting images the idea was born to have a go at writing our very own Psalm. And so we did!

Here it is, for you to enjoy, pray with, cling onto, love and maybe even write a tune to…

Psalm 151 – The Seasons

A Psalm of the ACF Kids

1 God, you are like the seasons.

2 As the winter gives rest to nature,
so we can rest in you.
3 The snow is so much fun,
just the way you make our hearts joyful.

4 You help let us grow
as the spring awakens plants to bud and blossom.
5 Now many animals are being born.
You give new life to all things.

6 You warm our hearts when we feel sad or lonely,
just as the summer’s sun touches our skin.
7 In summer we get to enjoy our holidays.
God, you too give us time and freedom.
8 You are as delicious
as soft and sweet chocolate ice cream.

9 The colourful autumn leaves remind us
of how you make our lives bright and vibrant.
10 Harvest time gifts us with many different fruits
and you provide us with everything we need.

11 You are with us throughout the year.
Thank you.

Have you ever tried writing a Psalm?
Go ahead! If kids aged four to ten managed, then so can you!
And once you have done so, keep your Psalm to cherish, let it help you guide your prayers and if you want to, share it with others. It might be a blessing to them too.

Psalm 151 – Die Jahreszeiten

Ein Psalm von den ACF Kids

1 Gott, du bist wie die Jahreszeiten.

2 So, wie der Winter der Natur Ruhe gibt,
lässt du uns ausruhen.
3 Der Schnee macht viel Spaß,
so wie du auch unser Herz fröhlich machst.

4 Wie der Frühling die Pflanzen sprießen und blühen lässt,
lässt du uns wachsen.
5 Jetzt werden viele Tiere geboren
und auch du schenkst neues Leben.

6 Du wärmst unsere Herzen, wenn wir uns traurig oder einsam fühlen,
genauso, wie die Sommersonne warm auf unseren Körper scheint.
7 Im Sommer genießen wir unsere Ferien.
Gott, auch du schenkst uns Zeit und Freiheit.
8 Du bist so köstlich
wie leckeres Schokoladeneis.

9 Die farbenfrohen Herbstblätter erinnern uns daran,
dass du unser Leben bunt machst.
10 Der Herbst schenkt uns viele Früchte
und du versorgst uns mit allem, was wir zum Leben brauchen.

11 Du begleitest uns treu durch das ganze Jahr.
Dafür danken wir dir.

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