“P.S. Words are not enough. Or pictures.”

— Midweek Meditations:
thoughts, inspiration and encouragement
from ACF community members —

I have a book in our loo room called “10 Second sermons” by Milton Jones. Milton Jones is an English comedian known for his one-liners, having multiple grandfathers and his crazy hair. Search for him on YouTube to see his more mainstream comedy appearances (like this one).

As the title implies, the book has short funny comments on everyday church life. Looking through it again I found a few of my favourite lines…

“If being a Christian is only about not doing certain things, then that’s a bit like a celebrity chef who is more famous for his allergies and intolerances.”

“Something’s wrong with the world. It’s like a chocolate cake that has fallen face down on the floor of a chicken coop. So, you either sweep the whole lot away, or try and rescue as much as you can.”

“Perhaps people are suspicious of the Bible because Christians sometimes try to use it to win arguments with people who don’t know anything about it. Which is a bit like being lost in London and someone saying to you “Well if I could just refer you to the A to Z, page 27, grid reference G4…”

“Perhaps some people are reluctant to give up their two fish and five loaves today because they’ve been in church long enough to know that by next week, they could be in charge of the whole of the hospitality ministry for Western Europe.”

“Sometimes people think of church as being like a giant helicopter. They don’t want to get too close in case they get sucked into the rotas.”

Even though they are meant to be quick funny one-liners to read, they can still provoke thought and reflection. These one-liners and the skill of the observational comedian is to see general issues in the world and make a joke from them. Showing others that they are not the only ones with similar problems.

And as Milton closes “P.S. Words are not enough. Or pictures.”

10 second sermons by Milton Jones ISBN 978-0-232-52882-4

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