Go and sit in the sun!

— Midweek Meditations:
thoughts, inspiration and encouragement
from ACF community members —

One of the many benefits of a mid-week meditation is that we know the weather forecast for the rest of the week. And the good news is: it will be sunny!!! For all of us who are familiar with the rigors of the German winter, this is a special gift. Especially in December, while the days are getting shorter and shorter. So this week I want to intentionally invite you to spend time in the sun.

Maybe it is possible to take 10 minutes in the next few days in our hectic, busy everyday life. In these 10 minutes we sit in the sun. We give this time to God and God gives this time to us.

1. Find your spot

Find a good sunny, (relatively) quiet place. Choose a place where you like to be and will be undisturbed for ten minutes. If possible, it is outside, warm enough and comfortable.

2. Sit and breath

Gently close your eyes and shift all of you attention onto your breathing.

Taking slower, deeper breath than you have taken all day so far today. Taking a deep breath in through your nose and slowly letting it out through your mouth. And continuing to breath that way feeling your lungs expand out as you inhale and contract back in as you exhale. Tune into your body. Notice any place of tension or tidyness in your body and give those areas permission to relax. Thank your body and let know that it’s okay to relax the next ten minutes.

Continue taking deep breaths. Bring the attention to any sensations from the sun on the body. Notice the qualities of resting in the sunlight. Is there a change in temperature, a tingling, some wind on your skin. You may notice that your minds wander off. That’s okay. That’s normal. Just notice it and bring you attention back to your body, using your breath as your anchor.

3. Shift your attetion towards God’s presence

Become more and more aware that you are sitting in the presence of God. God’s face is shining upon you. Continue taking deep breath while you are sitting in the presence of God.  Sit in God’s presence. If there’s a word that comes to your mind in God’s presence you might want to repeat it quietly inward. Just as an example this can be the Name Jesus oder a “Danke”/ Thank you, what ever it is. As other thoughts about your daily life or problems might arise, just notice them and know you’ll tend to them in a few minutes. Continue taking deep breaths. This is a time you are giving to God and God is giving to you.

4. After ten minutes

Go on and get on with what needs to be done now. 😉

The ACF Midweek Meditations
are written by a diverse group of our church members with the intention to seek God’s fingerprints in our lives. They range from somber to humorous and are inspired by all facets of live and faith. Written by ordinary people from all walks of life, they reflect a wide range of Christian backgrounds and spiritualities.

Each week’s text portrays the individual viewpoint of its author. They might not always resonate with everyone, and are not meant to be understood as representing the Anglican Church Freiburg as a whole. Yet, as a church that is aiming to ‘Build a Community of Grace’ we seek to practice learning from and listening to one another.

We pray that these humble ponderings add a small spark of blessing to your week.

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