‘s ist Krieg

— Midweek Meditations:
thoughts, inspiration and encouragement
from ACF community members —

’s ist Krieg! ’s ist Krieg! O Gottes Engel wehre,
Und rede Du darein!
’s ist leider Krieg – und ich begehre,
Nicht schuld daran zu sein!

Matthias Claudius

There is a war on – and dear Lord,
I don’t want to be responsible.
I don’t want to be held accountable.
I didn’t start it.
I don’t want it to come here.
Not again.

It’s been 80 years since these place names echoed through living rooms in Germany. Charkow. Kiew. Mariopol. Places of fear, of danger, of unspeakable atrocities, etched into human memory. Places of shame. And they will be places of shame again, that much is already for sure, and the names of the perpetrators will join those that we grew up with. But that is the future.

The present says: We may not be responsible for the war. But we are responsible for the peace. We are one of the safe places. So far at least. People come here to seek shelter, succour, healing. Many people, probably. More than in 2015/6. They need food and drink. They need lodging. They need help.

As if the worsening climate crisis and the ongoing pandemic weren’t enough. But whereas many of us have been dismayed at their helplessness in the face of the one as well as the other, the war and the refugees it delivers to our borders requires a sturdy, tangible, downright physical response. Yes, we can. Do something. All sorts of things.

We are standing at the beginning of many changes, but we as Christians have at least some of the necessary equipment:

In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets.

Matthew 7:12

This can reinforce our determination, regardless of gender, denomination, or nationality of those seeking to shelter with us until at least this storm has blown over.

Will this be costly? Yes.
Will this be difficult at times? You bet.
Will this possibly mean that we can’t drive SUVs any longer, go on holidays in the Maldives or even Mallorca, that we may pay higher prices and more taxes? Probably so.

This is what our accountability entails. Our responsibility as people in a country that has been lucky so far, a place of peace, and a haven to those fleeing the devastation of their countries. Our duty as Christians, and as human beings.

There are wars on, out there.

The ACF Midweek Meditations
are written by a diverse group of our church members with the intention to seek God’s fingerprints in our lives. They range from somber to humorous and are inspired by all facets of live and faith. Written by ordinary people from all walks of life, they reflect a wide range of Christian backgrounds and spiritualities.

Each week’s text portrays the individual viewpoint of its author. They might not always resonate with everyone, and are not meant to be understood as representing the Anglican Church Freiburg as a whole. Yet, as a church that is aiming to ‘Build a Community of Grace’ we seek to practice learning from and listening to one another.

We pray that these humble ponderings add a small spark of blessing to your week.

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