Esther Norwood

Born in Freiburg and daughter of one of our church members, Esther works with Ukrainian children that are orphaned and/or had to flee their homes. Our church supports Esther in prayer and financially.

Here are some updates from her…

March 2023: Outreach in Romania

Esther has sent the ACF a note about her 6-week outreach in Romania.

Read the letter here.

February 2023 Update

1 year ago today I thought that this would be my first of many pictures with all kids from daily center and our Key of Hope ministry.
Turns out that this would be my first and last time of seeing them in 2022. I will never forget how I was holding a McFlurry in my hand, standing in the elevator of Kata and my apartment building and saying how blessed we are with the most perfect flat and lives in Ukraine. A few hours after this I was needing to make a decision of “do I stay in Kyiv or do I leave” because of a certain threat that was looming.
One year already. One year of wanting to be back but also learning to be grateful where I am.
And now here I am, one year later, in Poland, leading an outreach, serving refugees who fled their homes and were forced to start something new. Never, ever would I have imagined how 2022 would end up. I had planned to return back to Kyiv twice now but it’s not yet time. And to accept it is hard. I miss Ukraine and my home. But I also am enjoying what I am able to do and so many good things did come out of all these horrible and painful circumstances.

November 2022 Update

Esther’s Video Message to the ACF (September 2022)

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