Women’s Fellowship

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Finding Joy and Peace in the Company of Nature – Kelly Baldwin Heid (USA)

17th June

Father, teach us how to pray – Tini Horning (USA)

16th September

Dying well: A conversation on loss, letting go and compassionate communities – Debbie Niermann (Germany)

18th November

Past Events

Science & Spirituality – Silvia Paddock (Germany)

1st April (as a combined Women’s and Men’s Breakfast)

Silvia Paddock, a senior researcher working in neuroscience, presented the topic “Science and Spirituality”. 14 women and 6 men from 5 continents received her inspiring message about the interconnectivity and reconciliation among science (rational thinking) and spiritual life … how consciousness, soul and the Holy Spirit are simply different names for the same thing, used by people from different perspectives. It was a wonderful opportunity to get better prepared for the Holy week. We will continue to discuss the interesting topic in more depth. We are blessed for having Silvia in our ACF community… she is indeed a big asset to ACF and we immensely thank her for contributing to reconciling our diversity through her scientific and spiritual talents.

My Life: Second Season – Sonia Diaz-Monsalve

11th February 2023

ACF women gathered together for the first Women’s Fellowship breakfast on Saturday, 11th February: this time, Sonia Diaz- Monsalve was the speaker. She shared her life and especially how to develop a solid faith trusting our God in every circumstance. 20 International women from different countries and backgrounds, received her motivating message about her valleys and mountains in her personal and professional life. Three means are the main factors for Sonia towards solid faith: growing gradually; trusting God in every circumstance or crisis, and giving time to God with concrete actions and values.

Science & Spirituality – Silvia Paddock

19th November 2022

Silvia Paddock, a researcher working in neuroscience presented the topic “Science and Spirituality”.
20 International women received her powerful message about the interconnectivity among Consciousness, Soul and the Holy Spirit. As the topic had a very strong impact, the ACF women will continue to discuss these matters in more depth. We are very grateful for Silvia and her scientific and spiritual talents to keep inspiring our ACF women!

An Adventurous Life – Dorothy Vinod

17th September 2022

Women’s Fellowship Breakfast

We talked about ideas to engage and best serve the ACF youth and listened to our most eloquent and wonderful 15-year-old speaker Dorothy telling us her life’s story: all the places she lived at, the friendships she made and the faith that grew.

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